Excavation, Grading & Drainage

Kentucky's largest and most experienced excavating and grading experts at your service.

C & R Asphalt offers complete site excavation, grading, and storm sanitary drainage services. We can handle all levels of excavation projects with equipment capable of excavating and grading the lightest and heaviest work from 10 cubic yards to over 4000. With the ability to stake and survey properties, C & R Asphalt can ensure the area being excavated will have the proper finish grade.

C & R Asphalt’s excavating portfolio ranges from anywhere in the Lexington/Louisville areas. Some of the projects we have completed include serving companies like Cains Restaurants, banks, storage complexes and the $10 million expansion of Fayette Mall.

If you were to ask our clients what makes C & R Asphalt the top company to partner with for excavation projects, they would highlight our vast attention to detail and our ability to produce a high quality, turn-key job from start to finish.

Excavation at Fayette Mall
Storm drainage work at Fayette Mall
Grading Project

Excavation Project
Drainage Project