The most experienced asphalt professionals in Kentucky.

Steve Coleman
President & CEO, 31 years

Steve Colemant serves as the "C" in C & R and holds the position of President & CEO at C & R Asphalt Limited Liability Company, partnering with Rick. Additionally, Steve shares ownership with Mike in the Commercial Sealcoating Division of the company. Steve graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pikeville College in Pikeville, KY.

In his role, Steve has broad responsibilities, including overseeing the overall operations of all divisions. This includes managing scheduling, human relations, job costing, accounting, and payroll. Steve also maintains a moderate level of involvement in sales and marketing, as well as estimation and production.

Rick Roy
Executive Vice President & President of Operations, 31 years

Rick Roy makes up the second half of C & R, representing the R in the Limited Liability Company and the other 50% of the Paving Division. Originally an electrician by trade, receiving most of his training in the U.S. Air Force, Rick is the President of Operations. He is in charge of of scheduling, shop supervision, equipment maintenance, records and employee relations in the field.

Mike Garrett
Sealcoat Operations Manager, 26 years

Mike is a member and Partner with Steve in the C & R Asphalt Sealcoating Division, LLC. Mike is the Sealcoating Manager and handles all production for the Commercial and Residential Sealcoating Divisions.

Josh Coleman
Project Manager & Estimator, 23 years
Larry Crosthwaite
Sales & Marketing, 22 years
Eric S. Arms
Project Manager & Estimator, 13 years
Mark Renfro
Project Manager & Estimator, 7 years
Kerney Bouchard

Jennifer Long
Human Resources, 13 years
Kelsey Coleman
Accounting, 5 years
Kerstyn Coleman
TBD, 4 years
Laurie M. Simon
Administrative Assistant, 5 years
Tom Ashlock
Recycling Yard manager, 5 years
Gary Taylor
Shop Superintendent, 28 years
Brett Muncie
Paving Foreman, 28 years
Brian Cundiff
Paving Crew Foreman, 23 years
Chris Geil

Kyle Stevens

Rex Conway
Concrete & Grade Foreman, 25 years
Gary Dean