Residential Paving

Kentucky's largest and most experienced paving experts at your service.

C&R Asphalt has been selected by Pavement Magazine as one of the top 100 paving companies in the United States since 2016. C&R Asphalt is the largest independent asphalt contractor in Central Kentucky offering customers a full line of paving services using the latest and most technologically advanced equipment. From parking lots to driveways, C&R Asphalt specializes in all asphalt paving projects with our team of seasoned professionals who can provide expert recommendations to meet any of our customers needs.

Taking optimum care of your residential driveway is an important part of owning a home. C & R Asphalt can provide everything homeowners need to keep their asphalt driveway looking good and functioning properly as well as extending the life of the asphalt surface to save on costs.

Importance of Equipment

C & R Asphalt, LLC, has its own fleet of trucks and equipment and can handle essentially any situation in house.  This helps hold down costs compared to other companies that employ outside vendors or subcontract and again helps ensure the quality of work.

C & R Asphalt, LLC, has the newest, most modern, and technologically advanced fleet of pavers in the Central Kentucky area for non-highway paving.  

C & R Asphalt utilizes four Weiler Pavers that have many automated and electronic features, such as heated and vibrating screeds and an electric-hydraulic control system that automatically controls the elevation of the mats on both sides simultaneously.

C & R Asphalt Truck Fleet
Excavation Equipment
C & R Asphalt Pavers

C & R Asphalt operates two full-time paving crews and has the capability to operate three paving crews when the need arises.

C & R Asphalt understands that finding a trustworthy, efficient, and competent asphalt contractor is an important part of property maintenance and ownership. We can also attest that hundreds of companies have trusted C & R Asphalt to complete their commercial asphalt paving projects and have received results that exceeded their expectations.

Your Asphalt Project

When your assigned C&R Asphalt estimator overviews your project, he will recommend which methods he feels will accomplish your driveway needs and expectations. On the initial visit, the C & R Asphalt estimator will look at several items, such as:

  • Size of project area.
  • Health of surface/cracking problems and how intense they are – Alligatoring (random cracking with proximity). These cracks can be surface or they can be loose. Areas with loose asphalt needs to be removed.
  • Determine if sawcut and tear outs are needed for the sidewalks and in front of the garage area - These may be needed to establish a flush finish with the adjacent concrete surface and/or to ensure proper drainage. (sometimes competitors will simply try to “roll down” to meet the concrete. This increases the height and creates an everlasting bump to drive over)
  • Determine how level the existing surface is. Sometimes, because of age, vehicle weight or sub-base failure, driveways will have low areas where the vehicle tires track. If your driveway has this failure, these low areas will have to either be completely removed and replaced with a new rock base (depending upon severity) or have a leveling course installed first. A leveling course basically fills the low areas and prepares a more level surface for the final course of asphalt. The C & R Asphalt Paving Foreman has the final say if a leveling course is needed and where.
  • On new asphalt, determine vehicle usage as to weight issues with the sub-base, asphalt surface, and the property owners’ expectations regarding surface life. Therefore, helping determine the type/amount of base rock and type/thickness of asphalt.
  • If the project is concrete, determine if any cracking can be covered with “Petro Tac” for reinforcement purposes.
  • Determine overall expectations of property owner as to drainage issues or expansions of existing areas.

New Driveway Installation

Painting area of driveway for excavation
Excavated driveway ready for rock and asphalt
Driveway being paved

Driveway Overlay


What is an asphalt overlay?

Asphalt overlay is a paving method of applying a new layer of asphalt to a deteriorating or raveling surface. Rather than tearing up an old asphalt surface entirely, an asphalt overlay project will use the existing layer as a base for the new asphalt pavement. Some asphalt surfaces with severe damage like rutting, potholes, large cracks, and expansions will need to be milled before an overlay is applied.

Guidelines to determine if an asphalt overlay is right for your project:

  • The pavement must be structurally intact.
  • It must be able to withstand repairs, including crack filling, smoothing, and cleaning prior to having a fresh layer of asphalt applied.
  • Wedge leveling
  • There must be a minimum thickness of 1.5 inches of existing asphalt.
  • If any milling must be done, a complete asphalt replacement should be considered instead.