Farm Concrete

Kentucky’s largest and most experienced concrete experts at your service.

At C & R Asphalt, we specialize in concrete work needed around farms and take pride in our ability to install concrete to our customer’s needs and specifications.

The Process

C & R Asphalt can not only replace your existing driveway, but also expand it. With the majority of our work completed with in-house crews, C & R has the capability to provide our own mixed concrete delivered by our trucks. Without a middleman, we are able to ensure a smooth process with excellent results.

To begin a residential concrete driveway project, C & R Asphalt will tear out the existing concrete and usually have to undercut and install 4” of DGA (base rock) for support. The concrete is then poured with a light broom finish. Sawcut control joints are standard with available trowel seams and trowel picture framing. It is recommended that the concrete driveway be sealed approximately every 2 to 3 years to help protect the surface.

Original concrete driveway
Removal of old concrete
Preparation for poured concrete
Finished concrete driveway

C & R Asphalt offer the following concrete finishes:

Saw-Cut Concrete
Picture Frame Concrete
Exposed Aggregate
Light Broom Finish
Split Spec: Exposed aggregate with concrete tie-in