Farm Sealcoating

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C & R Asphalt, LLC is the largest and most experienced sealcoating contractor in the Bluegrass area specializing in both commercial and residential pavement maintenance. Unlike other contractors, we invest in our own jumbo 1,000 gallon storage tanks that are stored inside to protect sealers from extreme temperatures and allow for optimal sealcoat mix design and performance.

Why Sealcoat?

Sealcoating, as part of a comprehensive pavement maintenance program, is one of the most important elements in extending pavement life. Sealcoating protects the asphalt from water penetration, oil, salt and the sun’s ultraviolet rays and provides a longer life of the asphalt pavement.

Whether you own a driveway or a parking lot, the investment on an initial pavement installment is significant. We therefore focus our attention on slowing down the rate of deterioration in order to improve the life cycle of the pavement and help prevent future costs for repairs and replacements.

When asphalt is left unsealed to bake in the sun, ultraviolet rays destroy the strength and flexibility of the asphalt, leaving it brittle and vulnerable to cracking. Once this process begins, hairline cracks absorb water from rain and melting snow. This water washes away valuable fines in the rock base and moistens the clay sub-base. When clay moistens, it becomes soft and non-load bearing. This water can also freeze causing cracks to expand and widen. Eventually these cracks can crease pot-holes and later, complete pavement failure.

What Sealcoating Does

SUNBLOCK - To protect the asphalt from harmful UV rays, premium sealers prevent asphalt surface oxidation by forming a tough, protective skin.

WEATHERPROOF - Sealcoating shuts out water by sealing the naturally porous surface of asphalt.

RESTORE APPEARANCE - Sealers provide a jet-black finish and a fresh, new appearance to asphalt. Well-maintained asphalt makes any business or home look more attractive.

RESIST GAS AND OIL - Premium sealers protect asphalt from the deteriorating effects of gasoline, oil, de-icers and other harsh chemicals.

SAVE MONEY - Replacing asphalt can be expensive. Spending a few cents per square foot for premium sealcoat protection makes good economic sense.

Effects of Freeze and Thaw

  1. First Stage - Sunlight and oxidation weaken the asphalt binder that holds the blacktop surface together.
  2. Second Stage - The surface becomes brittle and tiny hairline cracks appear. Aggregate raveling creates rough patches on the surface.
  3. Third Stage - Cracks deepen into the subsurface, further damaging the integrity of the asphalt. Water penetration and the freeze/thaw cycle widen cracks.

Why choose C&R Asphalt, LLC?

What C&R Asphalt, LLC Offers

DEDICATED SEALCOAT CREWS – The sealcoat employees on the sealcoat crew are separate from our paving crew.

WE HAVE MORE THAN 1 CREW - During the peak sealcoat season, we run 3-4 dedicated sealcoat crews and 2 striping crews.


USES THE BREWER COMPANY SEALCOATING PRODUCTS – The Brewer Company has over four decades of experience in manufacturing sealcoating products. They produce several types of sealcoating products and are approved by and oftentimes required by Federal, State and Municipal agencies.

WE OFFER BREWER-COTE AND POLY-COTE - Poly-Cote is now the standard of excellence in asphalt pavement protection.  We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for a 30% dilution rate which equates to 4 pounds of sand per gallon of sealer for Brewer-Cote and full-strength emulsion with 6 lbs. of sand per gallon for Poly-cote. Additionally, Poly-Cote has added polymers (rubber) and is hot blended to enhance the wear/life expectancy.  Poly-cote also has the deepest black color of all sealcoats.  It is the original sealcoat, developed over 50 years ago.

Sealcoating Options:

C&R Asphalt, LLC offers a “good”, “better” and “best” approach.  The differences are the number of coats, the mix ratios of the sealer, the type of sealer and the sand content.

The "Good" option: One “heavy” coat procedure of Brewer-Cote Coal/Tar emulsion with a mix ratio of 30% dilution, 70% emulsion concentrate, and 2 lbs. of sand per gallon of mixture. (Not offered for commercial projects)

The "Better" option: Two-coat application procedure of Brewer-Cote Coal/Tar emulsion with a mix ratio of 30% dilution, 70% emulsion concentrate, and 3 lbs. of sand per gallon of mixture.

The "Best" option: Two-coat application procedure of Poly-cote Coal/Tar emulsion with a mix ratio of 10% dilution, 90% emulsion concentrate, and 6 lbs. of sand per gallon.  Please note an additional third primer coat is necessary with virgin asphalt.

Sealcoating Pricing Options

C & R Asphalt, LLC offers three different pricing levels with our proposals to meet every customer’s needs that varies based on the number of coats, mix ratios of sealer and type of sealers and sand content. When compared to other contractors, C & R works diligently to find the perfect fit of products and services that work best for our customers. Offering various pricing and package options differentiates us and allows our customers to have choices in the services they receive.

Contact us to learn more about our pricing options and how C & R Asphalt can best meet your project needs.

Sealcoating Application Process

Before Sealcoat
After Sealcoat

The sealcoating application process includes many steps to ensure that the sealer performs at the highest level. Not only does the quality of the product and equipment used determine success, but also the knowledge and experience of the contractor applying the sealer. C & R Asphalt is one of the most experienced sealcoating contractors in central Kentucky.

The most important step in the sealcoating process is preparation, and C & R Asphalt takes this step extremely seriously. If a job is not prepared properly, the sealer will not perform to its full capability.

  1. CLEAN - To ensure the pavement is clean, we first use wire brooms and a high-speed blower to clear the surface from any debris.
  2. CRACKFILL - We clean and fill cracks with Neyra branded crackfill to ensure that the sealer can bond with the surface and that no water is able to penetrate down beneath.
  3. HAND EDGE - We apply the premium Brewer Co., either Brewer Cote or Poly-Cote, by hand around concrete and brick surfaces or next to structures to minimize any over spray.
  4. SPRAY SEAL - We then use a spray wand or tanker truck spray bar (for large parking lots and roads) to spray on an even surface coat.  Spraying the surface gives even coverage you simply cannot get by using a brush or squeegee. Additionally, spraying the surface leaves the tell-tale brush or squeegee marks in the final product nor does it drag the sealer off the high areas that can lead to accelerated wear.
  5. DRYING PROCESS - The sealer needs to dry approximately 24 hours before allowing any traffic.  If desired, striping is applied after the sealcoat is cured enough to walk on. The entire lot is then dry and opened for traffic depending on weather conditions.

The driveway may have a shadowy look for a 2-3 weeks until all the moisture cures out (depending on temperatures) and crack fill will show outlines in the sealcoat.  During the first week, making static turns of tires while sitting still will make swirl marks that will go away after about 2 -3 weeks.  Try to turn tires while moving to lessen these marks.

Wire brooms and high speed blower to clean
Crackfill with a low pressure machine or gravity fed machine
Hand brushing around edges of concrete, brick, garage doors, etc.
Hand brushing around edges and sides adjacent to sidewalk
Spraying sealcoat by wand
Spraying sealcoat by truck

Why C&R Asphalt, LLC chooses Brewer

Brewer-Cote is a concentrated, high solids, mineral colloid stabilized, refined coal tar emulsion. Brewer-Cote is manufactured at 51.5% solids content by volume versus other brands at just 48% solids content. The performance and bonding of Brewer coat to the pavement is greatly enhanced by a multi-component surfactant package.

Poly-Cote is a high-solids, mineral colloid stabilized, polymer modified, refined coal tar emulsion. It is fortified with fuel resistant, high molecular weight rubber. This fuel resistant rubber is hot blended into premium grade refined coal tar prior to emulsification. The performance and bonding of Poly-cote to the pavement is also greatly enhanced by a multi-component surfactant package. Poly-cote is also reinforced with geotextile fibers. Poly-cote provides a seamless, skid-resistant even textured surface. Poly-cote is the only product that meets the material requirements of USGS-02788N.

A unique Colloid Mill is utilized in the production process of this Poly-cote. Mixing with a colloid mill produces a completely homogenous product that, once applied, forms a dense, even coating. You can learn more about the Colloid Milling Process here:

You can also visit the Brewer web site for further information.