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C & R MULCH, LLC (formerly Con Robinson Contracting Co., Inc.) provides our customers with quality products at low prices. Our mulch, soils, and amendments provide HUGE savings over our competitors! We provide fast and courteous service and most deliveries go out same or next day! If you would like to haul it yourself, we will have you loaded and on your way without wasting your valuable time. 

WHAT IS "Living Mulch"? Living Mulch should not be confused with organic mulch, which is what we and most bulk suppliers sell. Living mulch is a LIVE cover crop PLANT, such as clover, sometimes used in the agriculture industry. Living Mulch is inter-planted or under-sown with a main crop, and intended to serve the functions of mulch, such as weed suppression and regulation of soil temperature.

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Top Soil, Screened
Stored Inside
65Cubic Yard (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No Half Yards)​
Top Soil, Unscreened
Stored Outside
45Cubic Yard (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No Half Yards)
50/50, Screened
Top Soil / Compost Blend, screened​, stored inside
55Cubic Yard (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No Half Yards)
Top Soil/Biochar Blend100Cubic Yard (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No Half Yards)
Biochar300Ton (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No half tons
Fill Dirt, Unscreened
Stored outside
20Cubic Yard (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No Half Yards)
Mulch18Cubic Yard (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No Half Yards)
Mulch, Colored34Cubic Yard - $29/cubic yard for Tri-Axle or larger
Mulch/Compost Blend20Cubic Yard (1 Bobcat Scoop) - No Half Yards)
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* Delivery fee not included

​Apply a layer of our finely shredded dark organic mulch to help insulate the root system of your plants and trees from the heat of summer & the cold of winter. Mulch helps retain moisture, suppress weed growth, and supplements your soil with organic matter.

We accept, on a disposal fee basis, CLEAN yard debris, such as bushes, limbs (under 16" diameter), leaves, grass clippings, brush, trimmings. We also will accept CLEAN pallets, skids, and crates. We do NOT accept sod, edging, dirt, or "old mulch". ALL material must be free from ALL forms of trash, paint, chemicals, and other debris. Any load with any amount of trash or unacceptable content will be rejected. For more information on disposal fees, please call our office.

How to Apply Mulch

Before applying any type of mulch to an area, it is best to weed the area. Spread a layer of mulching materials over the entire plant bed. Keep mulch 2 to 3 inches away from the stems of woody plants. This will prevent decay caused by wet mulch and rodent damage during the winter.

Newly planted trees require a circle of mulch 3 to 4 feet in diameter. Maintain this for at least three years. Do not pile mulch against the trunk. For established trees in lawns create a circle of mulch about 2 feet in diameter for each inch of trunk diameter. Increase the size of the mulched area as the tree grows. Try to apply the mulch at least 6 to 12 inches beyond the drip-line of the tree. Because the root system can extend two to three times the crown spread of the tree, mulch as large an area as possible.

Once you know how much material you will need, hop over to our Delivery page for our load sizes and their cost. If you don't feel comfortable making the calculations yourself, please give us a call and we'll calculate it over the phone with you; we will just need the measurements of your area when you call.

If your visit to our facility involves UNLOADING materials, PLEASE allow enough time to unload PRIOR to our closing time.

Please do NOT attempt to unload materials outside of our operating hours as that is considered illegal dumping and will be reported. Our facility is under observation.